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Multi-Dimensional * Energizing * Attunement

The terahertz stone is an ore that’s produced by extracting silica from quartz or sand. This man-made gemstone was discovered by the Japanese scientists, 10 years ago to have a terahertz frequency lying between that of a far-infrared light on the electromagnetic spectrum and microwave. Its frequency ranges from 0.1 – 30 THz.


The terahertz stone is actually believed to offer extremely strong healing energies. It possesses a high oscillating frequency and thermal conductivity. As a result, it can help in energizing the inner body which is extremely valuable and useful if you need to supplement for lethargy.


In addition, the terahertz stone is a multi-dimensional stone that can help manifest the highest aspect of the mind. It clears the mind of any fog and mental blockages while providing better attunement to the spirit. This help in heightening your intuitive powers as well as boosting your awareness.


These bracelets are made wit 8mm beads and an elastic cord.

Terahertz Bracelet

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