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Couples & Groups

These shared experiences create a deep, meaningful memory of your time together in Sedona.  Each experience can be customized to celebrate and bless any occasion. Perfect for Couples, Girl's Trips, Group Retreats, Bridal Parties, Family Fun, Mother/Daughter Getaways, Women's Retreats, Graduations and more!  Up to 20 people can be accommodated in my stunning studio space. Comfy floor mattresses, meditation chairs, yoga bolsters, fluffy blankets and lavender eye pillows are provided.

Healing Meditation Journey (90 min -2 hrs)

Connect with yourself.  Connect with each other.  Through a deep meditative state, you will journey through a past life and to meet a Spirit Guide.  The group will have time to journal and share about each journey as we go allowing us all to heal and grow from each other's experiences and perspectives. 

Sound Healing (60 or 90 min)

Relax and meditate as your entire being experiences a transformative sound experience. Allow the healing vibrations of the drums, gong and alchemy crystal singing bowls to fill every space within you, creating changes that alter the way you perceive and present yourself to the world.  As a shared experience, this creates a synergy amongst the group that improves communication and flow. 

Customized Meditate & Create Experiences (2 Hours)

Relax into your body and let your spirit explore during a custom meditation experience. Continue this flow as you create something beautiful and inspiring  to help you integrate the healing and messages you receive during the meditation experience.  This creation serves as an energetic recording of the energies you witness as well as a mental and physical touchpoint that allows you to reconnect to this healing experience.

Choose your Meditation Experience:

Sound Healing- Find your centered and peaceful self as you relax into a meditative state assisted by sounds from live instruments that balance and soothe your energy.

Energy Clearing-Many spiritual traditions come down to the basic truth that the task of the soul is to learn to manage our own energy.  Through a guided meditation, you will create an awareness of your own energy and where it is being sent outside of you.  You can explore certain connections and work with them to better balance and manage your own empowerment. 

Past Life Regression- Explore the history of your soul and witness different stories that help you discover meaning behind the longings of your heart or patterns in your life.

Meet a Spirit Guide- Have a conversation and take a journey with the spirit guides that are waiting to impart wisdom and healing for your soul. Receive gifts, messages and create a connection you can continue to explore in your everyday life. 

Chanting- Raise your vibration through the most powerful instrument- your own voice.  We will chant a sacred mantra intuitively chosen for the souls in this session along with a meditative sound bath.

Choose your Creative Experience:

Ritual Bath Set- create a ritual bath set for you to take home and continue in the cleansing and balancing of your own energy.  These sets contain an intention card, crystal, essential oil, herbs salts and a tealight candle. 

Red Sedona Clay- Create a totem from sacred red Sedona clay.  This totem can be a hand formed sculpture of any symbol, object or design that you feel connects you to your Guide and the message they brought forward for you. You can place it on an altar or carry it with you as a reminder that you are divinely guided and so very loved.

Watercolor Painting- Surrender your logical mind and allow the energy of the experience to weave the colors onto the page. Create anything that is longing to be expressed and put into this 3D world.  The flow of the water and the paint brings an ease and grace to this process of expressing feeling and energy without words or boundaries. 

Pocket Journal- Decorate the cover of a new pocket journal using various paints, markers, and stickers.  You can select some journal prompts to write on the pages to help you stay connected to your spiritual practice and personal journey. Then take time to journal or draw any messages, insights or intentions you create from this experience. 

Chakra Bracelet- Create a beautiful bracelet with crystals that align with each chakra.  This can be used to promote energetic balance in your being and serve as a reminder of any intentions you set in this experience.



All prices are the total price for all participants in the session.