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Enjoying Outdoors

Couples & Groups

These shared experiences create a deep, meaningful memory of your time together in Sedona.  Each experience can be customized to celebrate and bless any occasion. Perfect for Couples, Girl's Trips, Group Retreats, Bridal Parties, Family Fun, Mother/Daughter Getaways, Women's Retreats, Graduations and more!  Up to 16 people can be accommodated in my stunning studio space. Comfy floor mattresses, meditation chairs, yoga bolsters, fluffy blankets and lavender eye pillows are provided.

Healing Meditation Journey (90 min -2 hrs)

Connect with yourself.  Connect with each other.  Through a deep meditative state, you will journey through a past life and to meet a Spirit Guide.  The group will have time to journal and share about each journey as we go allowing us all to heal and grow from each other's experiences and perspectives. 

Sound Healing (60 or 90 min)

Relax and meditate as your entire being experiences a transformative sound experience. Allow the healing vibrations of the drums, gong and alchemy crystal singing bowls to fill every space within you, creating changes that alter the way you perceive and present yourself to the world.  As a shared experience, this creates a synergy amongst the group that improves communication and flow. The 90 minute Sound Ceremonies allow us more time to experience the sound, to go deeper into the meditation and share intuitive wisdom channeled just for you at the end of the session.


All prices are the total price for all participants in the session.



I often travel to rental properties or retreat centers to facilitate sessions.  Because of the additional time this requires, a $200 travel fee applies to all offsite sessions in Sedona and the Village of Oak Creek. I arrive with my instruments 10 minutes prior to the session and guests provide their own mats/seating arrangements, blankets, etc. Please Contact Me to schedule these sessions. I will enter the reservation and send you an invoice to be paid online.

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