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Working From Home

Online Sessions

Healing can truly happen at home. Connect over Zoom as we create a sacred experience that can provide peace, balance, inspiration and a deeper understanding of who you are, your purpose in this life and the past and present energies playing a role in your journey.   All you need is a quiet, comfortable meditative space and your phone.  This can be an office space, bedroom or sacred space where you can be undisturbed.  Video is not required as we will be in meditation with eyes closed through most of the experience.  Headphones are encouraged. 

You can request a private audio recording of your session that serves to help you remember the insights and reconnect with the wisdom and guidance that comes through just for you. 


Online Energy Clearing & Healing (90 Min): 

Oftentimes, we feel stuck where we are.  During this session, we will connect you with those parts of you that are calling for your attention and work with them to release and clear through awareness and compassionate love.  Aura clearing, energetic cord cutting and sacred sound will also be used to bring flow and balance to your being.  These sessions are interactive, which means I am guiding and teaching you how to journey into your own energy and ways you can work with it.  I am passionate about empowering you to create the life you want and managing your own energy is the key to that power.

Online Spiritual Coaching (60 Min):

We all come upon times when we have questions about our journey, spiritual principles or various practices.  It is so helpful to have someone to talk to about those questions and receive inspiration for what steps to take next.  During these sessions, I am here to witness your journey, your questions, your feelings and provide supportive, healing wisdom teachings from my intuition and experience. 

Online Personal Healing Session (3 Hours):

Personal Healing Sessions are a three hour experience that allows us to truly reveal and address the core wounds that are impacting our lives.  Sometimes we are acutely aware of what these energies and patterns are, but there are often times when something we've forgotten or ignored is waiting to be brought to light and healed.  During these sessions, we lovingly work with whatever comes forward trusting that it is only revealing itself because this is the perfect time for you to understand, integrate and release it.  Because we only work with what is ready to be healed this is a positive, uplifting and relieving experience that lends itself to healing every aspect of the human experience.  Each session is intuitively customized to your needs and can include spiritual counseling, sound healing, energy healing and guided meditation. 

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