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While in Sedona I did Kundalini yoga, a drum circle, hypnosis, and hiking. None of these experiences left me feeling as relaxed and healed as I did from my session with sacred rememberings. Thank you for that and for the experience. You have a gift!


Priscilla is clearly knowledgeable about her craft. She was very thoughtful in making sure we were comfortable and understood the process of the guided meditation. Our group of five were guided to insights which allow us to move forward on our various journeys. Priscilla is a good facilitator in terms of listening carefully to us and helping to clarify our experiences.


Highly recommend if in magical Sedona to experience this supportive work with Priscilla! Priscilla and her sound healing session was calming, soothing, healing and wonderful!!! Priscillla you are so warm and kind and your space and energy was so inviting, peaceful, safe, and comfortable. The mat was super cozy too w comfy blankets and lavender eye mask provided! Thank you again Priscilla. You and your sound healings are a gift to all who enter suite 1E.


This was my first Sound Bath and it was MAGICAL. Priscilla was very knowledgeable, welcoming, and 100% a healer. She guides you on a journey within yourself. This is definitely something that you need to experience in person and especially in Sedona. Priscilla, I already can’t wait until my next visit to Sedona. Thank you for the wonderful experience. ❤️


My mom and I took a private sound healing session with Priscilla and it's hard to put into words how incredible the experience was. Priscilla is simply amazing. Her combination of intuition and skill blew us away. It was a relaxing, healing, and spiritual experience that we cannot stop talking. It was memorable in every way and and we would go back to her in a heartbeat.


My husband and I travel to Sedona at least once a year. This time I wanted to try sound healing and our first time experience at Sacred Rememberings was amazing. Priscilla was so kind and knowledgeable; she explained what she would be doing and how we may feel as we went through the healing. The healing was extremely relaxing for me, the sounds were beautiful and I truly walked away from my first experience wanting to implement this more into my life. My husband felt the same way as well. I wished we lived in Sedona just so I could attend Priscilla’s weekly classes! Thank you Priscilla for making our first sound bath experience so comfortable and rejuvenating!


Priscilla's private sound journey was one of our favorite moments in Sedona. Stepping into her space felt like home and she guided us through our minds in a gentle but invigorating way. Her presence and words truly opened our hearts and allowed us to sink into the moment. She allowed us to feel ourselves completely and fully and filled the open spaces with love. She is a true gem and you will not regret stepping into her journey. Still vibrating from the feeling she created within.


I come to Sedona once, maybe (if I'm lucky) twice a year for the past 4 years. Being a huge fan of anything sound related, I've gone to a few sound baths here. NOTHING compares to Priscilla and this magical hour of sound healing. She is so incredibly talented and has the sweetest soul. She has a gift and is sharing it with the world- so get a little piece of it! I can 100% guarantee the next time I am in Sedona on a Tuesday, I will be at this sound bath.


Awesome experience. It was my first “live” sound bath and from talking with Priscilla on the phone to the personal greeting and sound session, I felt her warm and positive energy that made it so relaxing and calm. Priscilla is a kind spirit and combined with the beautiful sounds she orchestrates really gets you to sink into yourself. Thank you for the beautiful gift for my mom who couldn’t make it to the session and I’m very grateful for you being so open and sharing your warm-hearted energy!


Priscilla was amazing. Her voice is exactly what I want to listen to when trying to meditate! Two of us went yesterday for a private session sound healing. I’ve done them in the past and this experience was totally different, in a great way! The studio was beautiful, and peaceful. Her bowls were unique and the sounds coming from them were stunning too. I would go again in a heartbeat! If you are wondering whether or not to book with her, this is your sign to go now! ♥️


Wowowow! Priscilla is absolutely lovely and the experience we had during my sound bath was absolutely wonderful. I’ve experienced many sound baths before, but this was so cozy, intentional, and filled with so much love! If you’re questioning whether to book or not, just do it. It’s one of the best hours you’ll have in Sedona!


I booked a sound healing for my husband and I on our first day in Sedona. We both experienced profound healing on all levels of body, mind and spirit. Priscilla is so gifted and has such beautiful energy. I highly recommend booking a session with her.

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