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Sound Healing

Relax and meditate as your entire being experiences a transformative sound experience. Allow the healing vibrations of the drums, gong and alchemy crystal singing bowls to fill every space within you, creating changes that alter the way you perceive and present yourself to the world.  

Sound Healing sessions allow healing sound vibrations to move through the layers of the physical, mental, and energetic bodies as well as layers of consciousness.  We will start each session by setting an intention followed by a short guided meditation to call in our energies and open us to the Divine.  Then lay down and relax as symphonic, harmonic and binaural sounds waves vibrate through you.  Sessions may include gongs, alchemy crystal singing bowls, drums, rattles and chimes.  The session will gently end with time for sharing and grounding yourself back into the present.

The sacred sound from the instruments puts you into the theta brain wave state, which is light sleep. It's the mental state you are in just as you're falling asleep and just as you're waking up- where you know that you are here, but feel like you're somewhere else. This is the sweet spot for meditation, inspiration and creativity.


People have a variety of experiences in this state. Some people see colors, reconnect with memories, experience dreams, past lives or some kind of journey. Some people feel sensations in their body as energy moves through. The invitation for this experience is to simply witness what comes up for you. As each of these emotions, memories, inspirations, physical sensations come up- just acknowledging them and letting them flow through so that something else can come up for your awareness. It's like emptying the backlog of things that have been waiting for you to make time to think, see, feel or acknowledge. Be engaging in this experience, you are saying to the Universe, "Hey! I'm here and listening. What do you have for me?"

To learn more about Sound Healing, read the Sound Healing 101 article.


All group pricing is the total price for all participants in the group.  As a shared experience, this creates a synergy amongst the group that improves communication and flow.

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