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Event Rentals


Sacred Rememberings is a ceremonial space devoted to bringing truth, love and self-discovery through creative, compassionate and high vibrational spiritual work.  This space has its own consciousness and I am honored to be it's caretaker.  


This sacred space is available for hourly rentals to facilitate client sessions, classes and events of a creative, spiritual, sacred and ceremonial nature.  Rates begin at $55/hr.  Additional information on rates and availability can be found on the Event Rentals tab of the Book Online page.  


This space accommodates: 

16 people on provided floor mattresses

20 people with provided floor seating

You may bring in additional equipment to accommodate more guests. 


600 sq ft of open space

16 twin size tri-fold floor mattresses (11 can also be used against the wall as chairs for floor seating)

16 yoga bolsters

11 back jack chairs

2 zero gravity reclining chairs

35 blankets

3   7' portable cloth dividers/privacy screens

Alexa-enabled speaker

Calming Ambience Lighting and Overhead Fluorescent Lighting

Outdoor Common Area Restrooms


If you are interested in facilitating an event in this space, please submit the contact form below to become an approved facilitator.  Once approved, all reservations can be made via the Event Rentals tab on the Book Online page.

Policies and Procedures

Facilitators must have active licensure and certification (where required) and liability insurance for any activities being facilitated during your event.  Sacred Rememberings is not liable for any services you perform and is not responsible for any injuries or malpractice done by the facilitators of the event.


You are responsible as a practitioner to provide ethical services and practices, and to stay within your scope of practice with integrity and safety. 

Remove shoes before entering. There is a shoe rack located outside the entrance.

Do not drag tables, chairs or equipment across the floor. 

Bottled water is encouraged.  Other food/drink is not permitted unless prior permission granted by owner.  Fees may apply if additional cleaning by the owner is required.

Animals are not permitted unless they are working service dogs assisting disabled persons.

Drugs, alcohol and smoking are not permitted.

Candles/incense in containers are permitted.  Smudging must be done with extreme caution and with a fireproof container to catch ash.  There is a fire extinguisher near the entrance.

Making Reservations

All facilitators must obtain approval by the owner prior to making any reservations.  This includes providing proof of liability insurance for your services and scheduling a walk through of the space.

Once approved, all reservations are made online via the Hourly Rentals tab of the Book Online page.  Availability is on a first come/first serve basis.  

All reservations are pre-paid at the time of booking.  There is a 48 hour cancellation policy. Reservations cancelled more than 48 hours prior to the reserved date will be refunded at 50% of the prepaid amount.  Reservations cancelled within 48 hours of the reserved date are non-refundable.

All reservations include 30 min for set up and 30 min for breakdown.  For example, a One Hour Rental reservation is actually two hours long.  Please book the start time of your reservation at the time you plan to arrive and start setting up in the space.  You must be cleaned up and leaving the space by the end time on your reservation.  

Rental agreements with Sacred Rememberings do not create a partnership relationship. Renters do not have the authority to enter contracts on Sacred Rememberings behalf, advertise or practice under the name of Sacred Rememberings. All practitioners are required to be their own independent business.  


Sacred Rememberings can post your event on our Facebook and Instagram pages and add a graphic for your event to our Special Events Calendar page of the website.  Please text or email your graphic and registration link so it can be published within 48 hours of receipt. 


You will be provided a code for the lockbox the day before your event.  

Overhead Fluorescent lights are run by a light switch at the entrance.  The ambiance lighting is operated by saying, "Alexa, Studio Lights On" and "Alexa, Studio Lights Off".  Remote control for the candles is located the desk.  There is one set of curtain lights that does not stay on steady mode when it is turned on.  You can click the button on the plug for the light 7x to set it from the blinking mode to steady. 

Thermostat can be operated manually or through Alexa by saying, "Alexa, turn the thermostat to (heat/cool/off)." and  "Alexa, set the thermostat to (temperature)."

Please direct guests to use the 3rd floor restroom whenever possible.  The second floor restroom is often overused and may be out of supplies.  There is an elevator right outside our door that can take them to the 3rd floor.  Keys to the common area restroom are hanging next to the mirror by the entrance and all work universally for the mens and womens restrooms.  There are multiple stalls in each restroom, so guests may go as a group. 

If guests with to purchase items from the merchandise area, they can visit and pay via credit card, scan the Venmo or PayPal codes on the display to send payment or leave cash in the desk drawer.  If they do not order online, please text me a photo of the items purchased, so they can be removed from the inventory on the website.  There are little cloth gift bags on the desk for their items.

After your reservation, clean and replace any equipment used, sweep/mop the floor as needed and remove all trash.  Trash cannot be placed in the common area trashcans.  Please take it offsite with you.


Turn off the thermostat, lights and candles.  

Lock the door and place the key back in the lockbox. 

I am so honored and excited to have your amazing energy and powerful work in this sacred space. 

New Facilitator Interest Form


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