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Group Experiences

These shared experiences create a deep, meaningful memory of your time together in Sedona.  Each experience can be customized to celebrate and bless any occasion. Perfect for Couples, Girl's Trips, Group Retreats, Bridal Parties, Family Fun, Mother/Daughter Getaways, Women's Retreats, Graduations and more!  Up to 8 people can be accommodated in my stunning studio space.



Healing Hypnosis Journey

Connect with yourself.  Connect with each other.  Through a deep meditative state, you will journey through a past life and to meet a Spirit Guide.  The group will have time to journal and share about each journey as we go allowing us all to heal and grow from each other's experiences and perspectives. 


2 People (90 min).        $255

3-4 People (90 min)    $325

5-8 People (2 hrs)      $425

60 min Healing Sound Healing

Relax and meditate as your entire being experiences a transformative sound experience. Allow the healing vibrations of the drums, gong and alchemy crystal singing bowls to fill every space within you, creating changes that alter the way you perceive and present yourself to the world.  As a shared experience, this creates a synergy amongst the group that improves communication and flow. 

2 People        $155

3-4 People   $225

5-8 People   $325

Genuine healing connections can easily be created online.  These transformational sessions can be experienced over Zoom or FaceTime.  Prior to your session, you will receive information on how to prepare for your session and tips on creating sacred space to enhance your experience.  Learn more about each session in the full service menu below.



Past Life Regression   $155

Sacred Rememberings Healing Hypnosis   $205

Sound Healing $105

Sacred Rememberings Bespoke Healing Ritual  $225


Remote Energy Healing/Clearing $105

Online Experiences
Integrative Massage  Sessions

60 Min Session  $125      90 Min Session  $165

Our bodies have profound ways of communicating with us by holding energy that presents itself as restrictions, tension and discomfort.  Using myofascial, neuromuscular and energetic healing techniques, I can locate, gently release and balance energies within the body.  


Past Life Regression   $155

Revisiting past lives can provide missing meaning to painful patterns in your current life.  By seeing these patterns in a new light, you can heal underlying feelings and beliefs allowing you to move forward to create different experiences.  Sessions are recorded on your personal media and last 90 min.  Available in person or via video-conferencing. 

Sacred Rememberings Healing Hypnosis   $205

Remember who you really are by exploring your consciousness and your soul's journey through past lives and other dimensions.  This experience is a gentle way to better understand yourself, your purpose in this life and connect with spiritual guides who can continue to help you along the way.  Many clients report that they leave the session with a renewed personal strength, confidence and focus.  Sessions are recorded on your personal media and last 2 hours. Available in person or via video-conferencing.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique   $375

Dolores Cannon's method of healing hypnotherapy.  Sessions include past life regression and connecting to your Subconscious to ask specific questions you would like answered.  Truly a deeply meaningful experience where you can request physical and emotional healing from your Higher Self. Sessions are recorded on your personal media and typically last 3-4 hours.  In person sessions only.

Healing Hypnosis Journey for Couples/Groups  

Pricing in Group Experiences Section Above

Explore your sacred story!  Crystal Singing Bowls are played throughout the session as we do a  guided journey to a past life and another to meet a spirit guide.  Each person receives a journal and pen to write down your experiences so you can easily remember them as you continue your healing after the session.

Sound Healing

60 Min Private Session: $105    

Couples and Group Pricing in Group Experiences Section Above

Sound Healing sessions allow healing sound vibrations to move through the layers of the physical, mental, and energetic bodies as well as layers of consciousness.  We will start each session by setting an intention followed by a short guided meditation to call in our energies and open us to the Divine.  Then lay down and relax as symphonic, harmonic and binaural sounds waves vibrate through you.  Sessions may include gongs, alchemy crystal singing bowls, drums, rattles and chimes.  The session will gently end with time for sharing and grounding yourself back into the present.  May be done in person or via video-conferencing.

Sacred Rememberings Bespoke Healing Ritual  $225

Allow me to create a personalized healing ritual just for you.  I will meet with you virtually to connect with your energy, discuss your intentions and learn about your healing path.  In private, I will create an mp3 recording of a sound healing session channeling in light codes and healing vibrations sent from the Divine specifically for you.  This recording is forever yours and yours alone and can be used for many years to reconnect you with your Higher Self.  You will also receive a package in the mail that contains a Divinely-inspired prescriptive ritual.  Items will be handmade and can include crystals, candles, bath salts, mantras and prayers.

Energy Healing

60 Min Anointing and Energy Healing  $105

Invite the loving wisdom of plant medicine into your energetic body to help heal and protect you. During this session, Wisdom of the Earth pure plant essences will be intuitively chosen and ritually applied to your body while divine healing energy is channeled and moved throughout your energy body- clearing out blocks, promoting balanced energy flow- bringing you peace and restful balance. Sessions are performed fully clothed.  Please wear loose, comfortable clothing.

60 Min Energy Clearing $105

Oftentimes, we feel stuck where we are.  During this session, we will connect you with those parts of you that are calling for your attention and work with them to release and clear through awareness and compassionate love.  Aura clearing, plant essences and sacred sound will also be used to bring flow and balance to your being. Available in person or via video-conferencing.

60 Min Remote Energy Healing/Clearing $105

Relax at home while healing energies are channeled remotely into your aura, boosting and cleaning your chakras and energy field. The spirits of intuitively chosen plant essences will be called in to support your spiritual and emotional health and well-being.  Sessions performed via video-conferencing. 

Ayurvedic Bodywork

60 Min Abyhanga Massage  $105

Abyhanga Massage is one of the most powerful techniques used in Ayurveda. Massage done with warm herbal oil brings lubrication and oleation to the body while also grounding the nervous system and providing the tissues with the benefits of herbs that are cooked into the oil. A Tridoshic oil brings balance to all parts of your constitution and the light, brisk massage moves toxins and improves joint lubrication.

30 Min Shirodhara $55

A traditional Ayurvedic therapy, Shirodhara involves gently pouring a continuous stream of warm oil on the forehead to promote relaxation and well-being. Shirodhara can reach the depths of the nervous system and of the consciousness, bridging physical, mental, and emotional health. This luxurious and nourishing herbalized oil takes the subtle yet impactful effects of Shirodhara deeper. Wonderful to experience alone or added to the end of any other treatment. 

30 Min Marma Point Foot Massage and Soak $55

Well-massaged feet connect more completely with the earth when you stand or sit with your feet on the ground, giving your whole being a more stable and relaxed foundation.  Start with a relaxing foot soak, followed by a foot massage and Marma Point treatment.  Marma Points (Ayurvedic gentle pressure points) reintegrate the subtle energy pathways flowing between the upper and lower body. Wonderful to experience alone or added to the end of any other treatment.

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Cancellations and Changes

Any appointment time changes or cancellations must be made 48 hours in advance of the scheduled appointment time for groups and 24 hours in advance for individual sessions.  All cancellations or changes within those time frames will be charged 100% of the service price.