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Lightworker * Fairy Realm * Happiness

The sparkling light moving off the clear quartz cluster fairy wings makes your eyes dance. This fairy brings such a joy and lightness to your spirit as you commune with her.

Working with fairies invites fun and happiness into your life as well as a connection with magic and nature. It invites you to appreciate the small things in life and all the little processes that happen all around you, allowing you to shift your perspective and remember the equal importance of things whether they seem big and small to you.

Aura Quartz crystals provide a calm, relaxing effect on the emotional body and are soothing and healing to the aura. They are exceptional for releasing negativity and stress, old wounds, and long-held doubts about one’s self-worth. ... These crystals are uplifting to the spirit and promote natural joy, hope and optimism.

These fairies measure 4- 5” tall. They may vary in shape and color.

Rainbow Aura Quartz Cluster Fairy

$44.00 Regular Price
$39.60Sale Price
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