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We all come across times when we need to bring more prosperity into our life. When we set our mind and our energy toward a goal, we tap into the flow of magic. Each element in the Prosperity Crystal Grid helps to energize and embolden you to make the most of the magical flow you've tapped into with your intention.

6" Metatron’s Cube -Energy of Universal Creation Clear Quartz- Amplifies Energy

Garnet- Passion for your Goal

Moss Agate- Improves Self-Esteem

Citrine- Manifesting Abundance

Aventurine- Luck & Money

Pyrite- Strength of Mind & Willpower

Abalone- Go with the Flow

Rosemary-Energize You

White Sage- Clear the Way

Throughout time, sacred altars have been created through ritual as a vessel for a specific energy or intention. Crystal grids work in the same way. The intention of the creator is imbued into the grid as each stone is thoughtfully placed. it serves as a means of continuing to send energy towards your intention and as you tend to it each day by lighting a candle or saying a prayer near it, that energy grows. It also serves as a focus point for you, helping you keep your intention top of mind.

Prosperity Crystal Grid

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