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Peace* Grounding * Clear Mind

Ocean Pine essential oil is all about going with the flow. Harvested from coastal pine trees in France, this oil shares the wisdom of its experience holding its ground during the winds and seas of change.

Meditation: Pour a few drops in your hands, rub them together and cup them over your nose and mouth. As you breathe in the spirit of Ocean Pine, feel its energy, its light, washing over your body. Envision this light covering you from head to toe as your energy comes into sync with the vibration of Ocean Pine.

Feel yourself standing on an oceanside cliff. Feel your roots deeply grounded in Mother Earth. Feel your needles and branches soaking in the light of Father Sky. Center yourself in the trunk of the tree- this bridge between Heaven and Earth. Feel the wind rise and shake your boughs. Feel yourself standing strong through the storms. Watch the ebb and flow of the ocean. Feel its mist and spray as the weather changes. Witness the flow of time- months, years, decades as you stay securely in your place. Take in that feeling of peace and centeredness. Send that energy all over your body. And so it is.

Ocean Pine Essential Oil

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