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Peace * Harmony * Core Issues

Fragonia helps bring you past, present and future selves into harmony. By illuminating your core issues and helping you remember who you truly are. She is a celebratory scent that joyfully brings you back to your center.

I often use this oil during hypnotherapy sessions to bring in that vibration of deep travel into time and space. Its pleasant scent of tea tree with floral notes always sets my clients at ease and brings a smile to their face.

When I first experienced this oil, I had a clear vision of sitting next to the cave that held the history of all time and space. In this vision, I was just doing my daily tasks-always comforted in knowing I could access all that knowledge and history anytime I wanted. It was just right there, so accessible.

Fragonia serves as a reminder to me that this information is always right at our fingertips- we just have to take the time and set the intention to connect with it and explore.

Fragonia Essential Oil

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