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Peace * Empowerment * Intuition

It is a very calming stone that helps to bring about peace and serenity and give you the understanding that everything will be ok. When you work with the energy you will feel a very comforting and supportive vibration. This stone has a wonderful protective field particularity in the area of electromagnetic output. Que Sera helps to stimulate your psychic ability and helps you to connect and communicate with higher vibrational beings.

Que Sera helps you to understand the blockages that you are holding and how they are affecting your emotional self. Once you understand this you can then choose the path forward in a calm, peaceful way releasing all that is detrimental to you and start to truly understand the saying – Que Sera Sera – Whatever will be will be. It assists you to look at situations from a different perspective and take away the harming hurtful emotion surrounding it so that you can learn the lessons that are needed in order to move forward. What comes through when working with this stone is that you need to accept the choices that you have made in life, learn the lesson/lessons needed and move on: make the choice continue hurting or be free.

Each Que Sera Tower weighs 85-105mm and measures 92-100mm in height.

Que Sera Tower

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