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Balance * Intuition * Addiction * Relaxation

Amethyst healing properties vary so much that if there's a problem you need help with, chances are, amethyst can help in some way or another.


Amethyst allows our consciousness to connect with energies at a much higher frequency than we would normally each day. Most of these energies are multidimensional and can assist one in raising their own personal intuitive levels.


When you reach out for an amethyst cluster, chances are you could use some soothing vibrations.


Amethyst has a way of encouraging us to seek out our intuitive needs. So sometimes we connect with amethyst clusters because we want to free our mind of the anxieties, stress and worries that have been weighing on our spirit.


Double terminated points direct energy from both ends, an excellent means of both sending and receiving energies.

These points are 2.5” long.

Amethyst Double Terminated Points

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