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Pre-Registration online is required so we can ensure there are enough supplies for each session. 

Create sacred objects and learn sacred artforms as you go deeper into your own divine, playful, creative nature.  Each session is facilitated by local Sedona artists, musicians and spiritual practitioners.

Event Schedule

June 3  
Clearing Journey & Ritual Bath Set

Empower yourself as you connect to your own energetic connections to clear and manage them through a guided meditation with Priscilla Hataway. Then we will create a cleansing ritual bath set for vou to take home.

June 10  
Journey to Meet a Spirit Guide & Sedona Clay Totems

Take a meditative sound journey to receive wisdom and messages from your spirit guide. Then create a totem of your guide or their message to you from Sedona clay with Priscilla Hataway.

June 17  
Solstice Manifestation Ritual & Crystal Grids

Learn how to create an intentional altar to manifest the desires of your heart with Priscilla Hataway. Then create a crystal grid for your home altar based on your personal intentions and activate it through ritual.

June 24  
Yoga Nidra Sound Bath & Peace Painting

Rest, restore and open your heart through a Yoga Nidra Alchemy Crystal Bowl Sound Bath with Cheryl Bailey. Then celebrate and express your visions and creativity on painted canvas.

July 1  
Connecting to Your Inner Artist with Japanese Ink

Explore artistic expression with artist Cara Nalin through Japanese colored ink drawings that you can paint with water and customize as your own. Just as Rumi or Zen koans bring together energy, you are invited to express words in

writing on the art.  

July 8 
Embodied Spirituality & Sacred Song

Explore the way spirit dances with the physical world through playful and creative somatic voice exercises with Kaatje Jones. Then create your own medicine song inspired by a voice movement journey.

July 15  
Native American Flute Meditation & Journaling

Get in touch with your musical muse as you meditate and journal while Ami Sarasvati plays the native american flute. Continue this work at home with your own copy of Ami's Musician's Heart Journal.

July 22  
Chakra Balancing with Crystals & Oils

Cheryl Bailey will guide you through work with crystals that correspond to the seven chakras and learn which crystal is right for you and your body. You will then prepare our own essential oil roller bottle with your chosen crystals.

July 29  
Akashic Records Journey & Intuitive Watercolor Painting

Join Priscilla Hataway on a hypnotic journey to witness a story from your soul's past as a way to bring healing and clarity around patterns and emotions in our current lifetime. Afterwards, we will intuitively paint with watercolors to express the emotions and messages from your journey.

August 5  
Sacred Chanting Sound Bath & Chakra 

Raise your vibration by chanting a sacred mantra while enjoying a meditative sound bath with Priscilla Hataway.  Afterward, you will create a beautiful bracelet with crystals that align with each chakra.