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Sacred Journeys

Sacred Journeys have a legacy that goes back to ancient Egypt and likely beyond.  Also known as hypnosis, regression or guided meditation, Journeying is a deeply meditative state. In my sessions with clients, we start with a guided meditation to help you access the deeper parts of your subconscious mind. I also play Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls throughout the session to help your brain maintain the Theta wave state. These sacred frequencies and their magical energy provide amazing support for this journey into the parts of you that can see the “Big Picture”.


Our request is to bring forward information to help you in the very best way that we can. The invitation is to allow whatever comes forward in your awareness and to speak it out loud without processing it. You have the ability to edit, rationalize and halt the experience completely. To gain the most benefit from the session, we wait until after the session to analyze because there is often a pattern that can be seen after the session is over which wouldn’t be clear in the middle of a session. 

There is no limit to what the Subconscious or Higher Self can bring forward. It could be what people consider a past life (a story where the characters are in another time and place than now). It could be present life memories, stories on another planet, healing chambers in heaven, beautiful colors dancing around you, a meeting with someone in your current life, even experiencing life as an object like stars, plants or animals.


The invitation is to not get caught up in the story itself, but instead with the meaning that comes from it. For example, people who feel abandoned and lonely in this lifetime often experience stories where they lived in large families with loving communities, often visiting their “soul family” or a place where they feel they come from and learning why they are here now. People who feel they’ve had a stressful, hard life often experience a story where they had a happy, simple, easy life.


By connecting to these stories and feeling yourself in them, it alters something. It’s like it fills this gap in your being, fills in that piece of the puzzle that once seemed like a hole in our soul. You can complete unfinished business and clear away old ideas around who you are and how the world works.

This service is available in person or online for a single person and as part of the Day Retreat Package.

For couples and groups it is only available in person.  


All pricing is the total price for all participants in the session.