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Sound Healing 101

Sacred Rememberings- Sound Healing in Sedona, AZ
Gong and Crystal Singing Bowls for Sound Healing

What is Sound?

Everything from the smallest molecules to the universe itself vibrates and these vibrations create sound. The speed of the vibrations determines the frequency and while some frequencies are not perceived through our sense of hearing, all frequencies are perceived through our physical, emotional and energetic bodies. Sound is so foundational and divine that many cultures and religions believe that sound is what created our universe.

What is Sound Healing?

All parts of our physical, emotional and energetic bodies have been found to have a certain vibrational pattern when they are “healthy and in balance”. When this pattern changes, we can experience symptoms of disease, distress and imbalance. These parts of our Being naturally want to come into resonance with whatever is around it, so they are influenced by the vibrations they come in contact with. By exposing ourselves to positive sources of vibration with a healing intention, all parts of our Being experience a shift as their own frequency changes to match its new environment. These shifts can bring us back into harmony and balance. Consider how we naturally sway in time to slow music, how we feel stressed when we walk into a chaotic room, how sunny days make us happier and more energized than rainy days. This is our Being reacting to the vibrations around us.

Sacred Rememberings- Sound Healing in Sedona, AZ
Sacred Rememberings- Sound Healing in Sedona, AZ

What happens during a Sound Healing session at Sacred Rememberings?

Every practitioner has a different energy, flow and relationship to their instruments. I am an Intuitive Sound Healer, meaning I channels the energy of the instruments and each move throughout the session is spontaneous and customized to the energies of the participants in the session and the divine guidance received.

As you arrive, you are invited to lay down on a comfy floor mattress or rest in a zero gravity chair and settle in with supportive bolsters, fluffy blankets and lavender eye pillows. Each session begins with a short anointing ritual that allows you to connect with plant essences (essential oils) that have been intuitively selected for that particular session. Each essence has a divine purpose or energy medicine it provides and by smelling and applying the essence to your physical body, you can receive those healing benefits. Now it's time to relax, meditate and journey while you listen to the sacred sounds of drums, gongs and alchemy crystal singing bowls. Some instruments may be played on or near your body. At the end of the session, you are invited to slowly bring your awareness back into the room and time is provided for anyone to ask questions or share their experience.

These sessions put you in to the theta brain wave state, which is light sleep. It's the mental state you are in just as you're falling asleep and just as you're waking up- where you know that you are here, but feel like you're somewhere else. This is the sweet spot for meditation, inspiration and creativity. People have a variety of experiences in this state. Some people see colors, reconnect with memories, experience dreams, past lives or some kind of journey. Some people feel sensations in their body as energy moves through. The invitation for this experience is to simply witness what comes up for you. As each of these emotions, memories, inspirations, physical sensations come up- just acknowledging them and letting them flow through so that something else can come up for your awareness. It's like emptying the backlog of things that have been waiting for you to make time to think, see, feel or acknowledge. Be engaging in this experience, you are saying to the Universe, "Hey! I'm here and listening. What do you have for me?"

Sacred Rememberings- Sound Healing in Sedona, AZ
Ocean Gold Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl- Sound Healing

What are Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls?

Crystal Singing Bowls are made from 99.992% pure crushed quartz and heated to about 4,000 degrees in a centrifugal mold. The Alchemy of the bowls include other types of crystals melted into the quartz as well as specialized elements painted onto the bowls. Each element brings their own meaning to the bowl. The quartz crystal in the bowls works to amplify the properties and vibrations of the Alchemy. Some bowls have been broken and repaired bringing that powerful energy of rebirth and transformation. All elements used to create the bowls have their own natural vibrations that are present even when they are not being played. The colors of the bowls and the notes that they create can also inspire connections to different chakras, organs and emotions, but you are encouraged to explore the impact they have on you personally throughout the session as each experience can be different.

Many people who work with crystal bowls find that each bowl has its own consciousness, its own personality and that it can communicate energetically and intuitively with you just as animals, plants and crystals have long been heralded as messengers with sacred energy medicine.

Each bowl in my set has come to her as a teacher for her own journey. One, two or three at a time, they have come to me in visions or dreams so I can seek them out and bring them home. For the first few months, I work with them privately so they lend their energies and wisdom to attune my being and bring me healing. After this feels complete, I include them in guest sessions.

Many times, guests will feel a draw to a certain bowl. This often means it is connecting and lending you it's energy for your own healing journey. Sometimes the bowls will come up in dreams, meditations or thoughts to bring you additional wisdom long after a session has ended. You are welcome to take pictures of the bowls and use it as a reminder or way to connect with them.


Priscilla offers Sound Healing, Meditative Healing Journeys, Retreats and Energy Work for individuals and groups at Sacred Rememberings in Sedona, Arizona. Meet, heal and remember who you really are in this beautiful, high-vibration space. You can view services and book online at

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