New Year, New Moon!

Today is the new year and tonight is the transition to the new moon. As I sit in this glorious temple space, breathing in the cleansing smoke of sacred white sage, my mind clears as this prayer comes through me:

Sweet and Heavenly Divine,

Wash over me with your love and light so my spirit may soar.

Spirit of Sage, cleanse, purify & ground me so that my prayers can be felt as rumblings in the land.

As I bathe in this loving connection,

help me to plant these new beginnings in fertile ground, to nurture them and watch them flourish over the next year.

Illuminate the pathways of my service to the world and the journey into myself.

Continue to work through me and with me into this new year and this new moon to create even more love and beauty in this sacred space.

Blessed Be and So It Is.

This new moon is a Supermoon, meaning that she is in her closest proximity to earth. My three-year-old daughter, Aurora, feels a special closeness with The Moon. She desperately seeks her out anytime we are outside, day or night. She talks about her like she is a close friend. We often have conversations about how The Moon is looking out for us, and truthfully on the new moon, I feel her presence more deeply than when she is full. New moons feel more embodied, more depth in my sacral chakra as I call the light from my Higher Self to investigate my being and illuminate whatever needs my attention during this time.

My intentions for this year are pretty normal. With how beautifully busy my life has gotten over the last year, it is time to switch from being whisked away by Spirit all the time to bringing more intention and planning to my calendar and my resources. Time just seems to keep getting past me and I want to create more space to savor it.

I have a journal that I began 7 years ago where I put the details of my personal new moon and full moon ceremonies. I note what I feel called to put on my altar, what oracle cards I pull from the decks as I ask the Universe what I need to focus on for this moon cycle. Since having my daughter, I haven't been as consistent with this as I used to be, sometimes having to do the whole ceremony in my mind instead. Every new moon, I will be sharing what messages comes forward for the Collective in hopes that it can help you to connect with those energies that are offering themselves in service to you.

When asking which goddess wanted to come forward for this new moon, I drew the Goddess Brigid card from the Goddess Power Oracle by Collette Baron-Reid. Her message in the guidebook says, "Imagination and inspiration are yours to play with right now... The fiery Celtic goddess of creativity calls you to play in the artistry of your life, your work, and your loves. Brigid is whispering her sparking music deep in your soul. Are you listening?"

This seems the perfect energy to align with when setting our new intentions for 2022. A clear message that we are only limited by our imagination in beginnings like these. Feel free to share your prayers, intentions and messages for the Jan 2 new moon below. I'd love to send supportive energy to them!

Many Blessings!


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